Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue has an epic story and he can help you get one too. As a young man he crossed the Sahara Desert overland. Steve recently completed a 72,000 mile global odyssey to find a new story and a reason to tell it. These incredible journeys inspire his work to create legendary leadership in epic organizations as a speaker, trainer and consultant.

He is a bestselling author and international expert in Narrative Intelligence. Steve’s first book, Shifting Sands: A Guidebook for Crossing the Deserts of Change, has sold over 125,000 copies in half a dozen countries. He has worked with more than 500 of the world’s best organizations to revolutionize change leadership and ignite employee engagement.

A spellbinding storyteller and motivational speaker, Steve grabs your attention and never lets go. His highly interactive and deeply researched presentations touch the heart and soul of corporate purpose and individual motivation.  Most of Steve’s presentations include inspirational stories, stunning images and breathtaking videos from his desert journeys with nomadic tribes.

Build an Epic Organization

An epic organization enthrals employees and captivates customers in a way which superlatives struggle to quantify. Like the heroes of those ancient poems epic organizations need to be on a quest.  Leaders must thrive in constant change and everyone must be completely engaged on their journey.  Most importantly, epic organizations cultivate a compelling narrative that staff, stakeholders and customers want to play a role in and be the heroes of.

In this inspiring presentation Steve Donahue will share his own epic story to illustrate the cutting edge concepts of Narrative Intelligence as a bridge to organizational excellence.  You will learn how to embed values within stories to guide your career or company during times of groundbreaking change.  Steve will reveal the revolutionary research in brain science that shows why narrative is intrinsically human and incredibly powerful.  You will also learn the dominant themes or story lines that function as a compass in your own life and how to leverage that unique narrative content to adapt and capitalize on opportunities.