A Review of the Performance Review
Presented by: Shelly Fowlie, Skill Dimensions Inc

In this session we step back and review the impact and effectiveness of the performance review process. While some organizations question or look to replace the process completely, this sessionaddresses a critical area to improve your current process. Changing how managers perceive the purpose and potential that the review process offers. Strengthening the coaching element of the reivew and focusing on an analysis of behaviour rather than an account of activity can influence performance improvement and skill development. This session is about R.O.I. – getting a higher return for the investment we all put into the process.

An Employer’s Guide in Hiring Persons with a Disability
Presented by: Christin Lanteigne, New Brunswick Employer Support Services (NBESS)

Successful employers know that when recruitment and hiring practices are inclusive to employees with a disability, the employer benefits from increased innovation, increased productivity, profitability, reduced recruitment costs and the ability to retain talent.

The New Brunswick Employers Support Services (NBESS) developed in 2015 a new informational tool for employers and HR practitioners to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Employers Guide in Hiring Persons with a Disability is a a basic reference guide for employers that provides an overview of different topics related to the inclusion of persons with a disability in the workplace.

Developing Executive Presence for Impact and Influence
Presented by: Diane Allain, Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette

We’ve all witnessed that moment when a leader walks into a room and instantly attracts intense, positive attention. The air shifts. Heads turn. People gravitate toward them in the conversation circle. In short, they have a wow factor and that wow factor is called executive presence. HR leaders and leadership development professionals know they have to help their executives and other senior leaders develop it. We will explore the 4 dimensions of the Executive Presence Model – Confidence, Connectivity, Credibility, Communication and the path to developing the dimensions for maximum impact.

Future Leader Gears
Presented by: Sue Nelson, Ignite Leaders

You did a great job in creating your talent management plans with the exiting of baby boomers from your organization. But, that was a warm up for what is to come. In the next 15-20 years we will experience the equivalent of 100 years of change, and the rate of change will continue to accelerate throughout this century. This rapid change revolution will destroy the status quo and enable the impossible.

How should you prepare? Great question! Join me for a workshop on Future Leader Gears to be successful in the future.

Mastering Difficult Conversations
Presented by: Jennifer Murray, Knightbridge Robertson Surrette

The most important conversations are often the most difficult ones to initiate and navigate. Are you letting fear and emotion get in the way of the really important conversations needed to advance your relationships, career and life? Or perhaps you simply dont know where to start?

You are not alone. Communication skills are essential to your success, yet most professionals struggle to turn difficult conversations into opportunities to strengthen relationships and resolve issues.

If you manage a team or serve in a leadership role then you will benefit from this interactive workshop covering critical topics to help you master difficult conversations.

Mastering Facilitation Skills: Essential to HR Professionals
Presented by: Alain Paulin, Sphera Facilitation Inc.

The role of HR professionals frequently requires the use of facilitation skills. Whether it be a team meeting, a conflict, a difficult conversation or an organizational development activity, opportunities abound. The success of the task rests largely on the ability of the HR professional to create a climate that is conducive to effective dialogue between people. The HR professional as facilitator therefore becomes an instrument of communication. How then can one improve his/her capability to best fulfill this crucial role? That is what this workshop offers.

Social Media Issues in the Workplace
Presented by: James F. LeMesurier, Q.C., Stewart McKelvey

Social media creates new issues in the workplace including the risk of reputational and personal damage and increased litigation. Unregulated social media in the workplace can result in the employment relationship being seen in the broader public. Policies, education and training are necessary to reduce risk. This presentation identifies several areas where social media can create legal issues for employers before, during and after the employment relationship. Employers need to be proactive in identifying these issues and take appropriate steps to develop policies and standards around social media issues.

Turnaround Interview® – Turn off your problems, not your people
Presented by: Maxime Labbé, Montana Consulting Group

In this high energy presentation, you will learn the proven Turnaround Interview® technique for coaching employees to break bad workplace habits without using or threatening discipline. This technique corrects minor but persistent problems like lateness, excessive breaks, missing deadlines, negative comments, improper use of work time and similar behaviours.

Already proven in manufacturing, high-tech, government, health care and educational settings, this progressive approach to dealing with sticky problems is producing dramatic results in about 90% of cases.

Rooted in a sound understanding of human nature, this new, high-impact approach to employee coaching will get you to rethink your instinctive approaches to these tough conversations with employees

How to Effectively Increase Workplace Productivity 
Presented by: Susan Power, Owner & CEO of Higher Talent Inc.

This session answers the question: “What are the biggest drivers of workplace productivity?” This session provides an overview of what levers have the greatest impact on increasing employee productivity.

A summary of Higher Talent’s research on industry leading practices and the key influencing factors of workplace productivity are highlighted.  The 15 productivity drivers that have the largest impact on workplace productivity are discussed including diving into details on the importance of culture, leadership, HR policies, professional development opportunities, and physical workspace/ergonomics.  A case study is also delved into as an example of how productivity practices come to life in the workplace.

As a key take-away, a productivity assessment tool is provided to help organizations start to design their own internal productivity plans.

The Business of HR: Becoming a Strategic Partner
Presented by: Kathy Watt, LMI Canada & Tanya Chapman, T. Chapman Consulting and Associates

This interactive session is designed to help you gain perspective of the role of the strategic HR professional. It will help you to uncover the barriers – both personal and organizational,  that keep you from making the contribution you would like.

We will explore the necessary attitudes and leadership traits that are required to be recognized as deserving a ‘place at the table’, and importantly, help you to map out a plan of action for taking important first steps of intentionally growing in your capacity to influence key decisions to drive transformational change that keeps people at the centre of that change.

Accounting Basics for HR Professionals
Presented by: Nancy Whipp, CPA New Brunswick

When you are preparing your budgets do you ask the right questions to ensure you have included all the costs pertinent to your department?  When you look at a set of financial statements are you able to identify areas of concern?  If you have answered no to either or both of these questions you will want to attend this session.  We will talk about cash vs accrual accounting, understand what is depreciation and its purpose, analyze the real cost of an employee, etc.  Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the basics of the complex world of accounting.

Wellness in the Workplace
Presented by: Brenda Page, Crystal Clear Concepts

As workplace wellness programs are becoming more widespread throughout the country, the buzz is catching on. The bottom line of such programs is this: healthy and engaged employees tend to be happier and more productive long-term employees.  The most valuable resource to any organization is their “human” resource – employees.

In this session we will discuss the benefits of wellness in the workplace for both the employer and employee and expand on many facets to creating wellness in the workplace.Join us to become aware, enabled and inspired to improve the wellness in your workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace
Presented by: Robin Ward, CMHANB

During times of economic doubt and uncertainty the stress in our daily lives can grow to an unexpected chronic stress which if we ignore can lead to depression and anxiety.

We will look at dealing with our life stress, how to gain work/life balance and take a glimpse at the two most common mental illnesses.

Make your mental health matter!